Блог статия: Синджента представи иновации на Fruit Attraction 2022 в Мадрид


Here are some of the innovations that the company presented during the exhibition. iStem cauliflower , awarded with the Bronze Award for Innovation of Fruit Logística 2022. It stands out among the other novelties presented. not only because of its good taste, but also because of the little waste that its production generates. The interesting thing about this innovation is that everything from the cauliflower is edible. Its stems, for example, are tender and crunchy, with a sweeter taste. Another big plus of the innovation is that it is prepared quickly and easily and can be consumed both raw and cooked. Cauliflower is delicious whether baked, boiled, stewed or fried. It is a healthy option due to its high fiber and vitamin C content, which are vital for maintaining good nutrition.



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